Premium Features. Consumer-friendly Price.

Do cheap prices scare you? Does the “You get what you pay for” resonate? Do you tend to avoid low-cost products because you relate inexpensive to poor quality? Meridian Fly Reels is changing what has been ingrained into our brains that high quality equates to high price. If the product’s cost is high, it must mean that the product is of high quality, and vice versa; if the product is of poor quality, its price will be low. However, that’s not entirely accurate.

Welcome to Meridian Fly Reels

Meridian Fly Reels is an independently owned USA company solely aimed at offering the fly fishing enthusiast premium-designed, high-caliber fly reels with consumer-friendly pricing. Browse the website, check out the lineup, and see for yourself. Every fly reel purchased includes free shipping and a lifetime warranty.